Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower
— Albert Camus


Fall is on it's way, warm sunshine giving way to those cooler temps and falling leaves. It's one of top times for a shift in makeup colors. Moving away from the brights of the beach to the more muted tones of the change of natures colors. With Fall, comes the Pantone Color Chart for the season. It's got great choices this year! Pairing more vibrant colors like Lush Meadow with Warm Taupe for a traditional feel, to Bodacious with Sharkskin for a pop of color with a more sleek feel. Any way you go, mixing and matching will give you any thing from traditional to modern. 

Below, you will find some fantastic partnering and ideas for the new colors and how to incorporate them into your makeup.

Also with the change in color, comes the change in weather. As temperatures start to cool, the climates of our homes and workplaces put more stress on our skin. Oiler skin can be replaced by drier skin when humidities shift for the low. Now, more than ever, is a great time to look at your skin care regimen and evaluate where you need to shift. 

Maybe you have oily skin in the summer, but you notice that your face feels a bit dry after washing it at night. SeneDerm skincare can be mixed and matched to ease you into the new season, for example the normal to oily might be your summer regimen, but with that dryness, we will swap your cleanser for the normal to dry and continue to gradually transition you over for the fall and winter.

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